Scoot’s Dukes FanFic

~ The Adventures of Hilery Davenport ~

How Jumper Came to Be Revised
Tonight on the Dukes . . .
A new car shows up in Hazzard and it drives everyone crazy. Who owns this car and will Hilery and the Dukes be able to clear themselves after being pinned for yet another crime they didn’t commit? Stay tuned and read this fic to find out!
Hilery’s Valentine’s Day Present
Tonight on the Dukes . . .
Hilery gets three unexpected presents on Valentines Day from the people she loves most.
Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Opens in a new tab/window)
Tonight on the Dukes . . .
An on-the-job injury puts Hilery’s career in jeopardy. It is up to Doc Chance Walker to put things right.
(Co-authored with Pendragon1980)
Well This Is Just Swell New
Tonight on the Dukes . . .
Something happens to Bo which causes the Duke boys to re-evaluate their love lives. Meanwhile, Hilery suffers a rare disease and learns things about herself, her family, and her friends that she never knew.
(Co-authored with K-Duke)

~ The Other Stories ~

When Generals Attack
Tonight on the Dukes . . .
Rosco’s in trouble and Cooter’s in on the fun too. I hope to heck the Dukes and Hazzard County’s fine citizens can save Rosco’s bacon when the General attacks.
(Co-authored with Essy-Jane)
Tonight on the Dukes . . .
Cletus has a little sister, and boy can she be trouble.

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