General Rules

Keep in mind that each challenge will have it's own set of rules and guidelines but here's a couple of other rules to keep in mind:

1. Fanfic characters can be used.

2. Unless otherwise stated, you can work on these challenges alone or with someone else if you'd like.

3. Unless otherwise stated, the challenges should be kept within the DOH world. Future challenges may involve crossovers.

4. All submissions must be sent in in either html format, Word or a text file (or inserted into the email). If I get any files that I can't read I will email you back and ask you to send it in a different format.

5. Submit stories to Please put "DOH Challeng Fic" in the subject heading so I don't accidentally delete your email thinkin' it's junk mail.

6. Please make the following clear with your submission:

  1. Which challenge you did
  2. The title of the story or scene (if you have one)
  3. Whether or not you want your email address posted with the story (for folks to send comments/feedback. Just tell me yes or no email. If you give me an email address that's different than the one you sent the story from that's fine, but if it turns out to be bogus I will not post the story.)
  4. Your writing name/handle so we's can give credit where credit's due. =) If no designation is made I will put your real first name.

7. Due to the fact that I just don't have enough time in my day to work a full time job, tend to various online things, have something of a life and still be expected to write my own stories, I no longer beta read or edit folks's submissions. That doesn't mean I won't read it at all, but I just don't have the time to be an editor/beta reader. Your story will be posted in the condition in which it was sent. Multiple editing and postings will not be allowed. One shot deal folks, so PLEASE proof-read/edit before you send your story in.

8. I WILL NOT post stories that have no punctuation, capitalization, quotation marks, paragraph breaks or are incomplete. This is extremely difficult to read and to comprehend and nobody will have much patience to read your story if it's all one run on sentence or a great big block paragraph. And like I stated above, I will not go through and edit your story if it's in this condition and it will not be posted.

9. KEEP IT CLEAN!! Slash fics (non-consentual sexual relations between same sex couples) will be rejected. Doesn't mean I reject all adult content but, c'mon folks...if you know you're way around cyber-Hazzard you know this ain't the place.


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